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Light Up Your Lawn with Nightscaping
Whether you want to increase your home’s security and value or just want to beautify your lawn and landscape, do it with custom lighting from Maddox Irrigation. Get custom designed lighting to fit any landscape style and budget.

Take Advantage of Low Voltage
Add safety to your home when you illuminate your walkways, steps, and patios. Enjoy your landscaping investment in the evening hours and all year long. Low voltage units will help you save money!


Save with an Installment from Maddox Irrigation
We use top of the line products like Vista and FX lights and install all of our systems with the latest LED lamps. That saves you money in the long run on costly specialty bulbs.

Become the envy of the neighborhood with same-day installation from the professional and courteous technicians at Maddox Irrigation.

LED lighting is as warm a look as halogen and can last up to 17 years without changing a lamp.

With a vast assortment of lamp sizes and styles available to choose from, you can be confident that your lighting will be perfect for your home and landscape.

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