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Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Click here to follow these steps to start up your own system.

Most start-ups are typically done in May. However, when the temperatures at night no longer fall below freezing, it is safe to start up your system. Below freezing temperatures may cause damage to your sprinkler system. You can either chose to start up your system yourself or contact us to schedule a spring start-up appointment.

Your sprinkler system should be winterized prior to the first freeze. Maddox Irrigation starts winterizing in October. It is better to be safe than sorry. Schedule your appointment early to ensure that there will be no freeze damage.

Ok, let's give an example. You haven't been winterized and it's going to freeze tonight. Don't panic. With some simple steps you can protect yourself from early freeze damage. (Click here to view the steps.)

There are many different kinds of rotary heads. Please click on the rotor type that you would like instructions for:

Contact your local irrigation distributor or contact us to pick up another key. They are also available at most big box stores, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.

There are three types of controllers: non-volatile memory controller, battery backup controller, and no backup power controller. The non-volatile memory controller can hold its memory for up to 30 days with no power. When the power is restored the program remains the same and the system will restore watering at its next scheduled time. The battery backup controller holds its program as long as the battery will last. The no backup controller will need to be reprogrammed every time you lose power. Most timers hold the program but will need the "clock" (time of day) reset.

Drip irrigation is a soaker line placed around shrubs. Drip irrigation will only water the roots of the plant.

Miscellaneous Questions:

Yes, we do accept credit cards for non-installation services for anything under $600.

Yes, we're fully insured with workers compensation and liability up to $1,000,000.

Hunter, Rainbird, Toro, Weathermatic, K-Rain, and FX Lighting.

All businesses are going this route to decrease billing procedures and decrease accounts receivable procedures. This way no one is handling cash or checks in the field.


A Rid O Rust system is needed when well water (hard water) is staining your hardscape, walks or house. A Rid O Rust system will eliminate staining from occurring.

Yes a deposit is required and the amount will be noted on your proposal.

Not at this time

You should do all hardscaping first (example: patio, pool, retaining walls). Landscaping can be installed before or after the installation of your sprinklers. However, if you plan on putting in a shrub zone, do not put down mulch, install weed barrier, or put rocks in until the shrub zone has been installed. Fence installation can happen before or after the sprinkler installation. You will need a 48" gate opening if the fence goes in before the sprinklers. Sod must be installed after the irrigation. You may install sprinklers and sod before any hardscaping but changes may need to be made at a later date and for an additional cost.

Yes. There may be an additional charge to the price given on your original estimate.

MISS DIG is a statewide, one call utility notification system. MISS DIG notifies the utilities companies at the address we will be digging at to mark the approximately location of the underground lines. Our office contacts MISS DIG a minimum of three business days prior to digging to have the underground lines marked for our arrival. Please do not remove any markings. If the markings get washed away due to weather, please contact our office right away so we can call in to MISS DIG to have them marked again.

Usually 3-4 hours depending on the size of the job. 90% of installations are completed in one day.

Yes you need to be home for approximately 2 hours so we can get inside the house to take care of the plumbing and the timer.

No, we have machines that are made for installing sprinklers on existing lawns. Sprinkler pipe is not trenched in. Sprinkler pipe is installed using a vibratory plow method. We also have a wheel on the back of the machine that cuts the sod first so that there is no tearing or ripping of the sod.

Depending on the time of season and what the lawn looked like before the installation, your lawn will be back to normal or better in 2-4 weeks.

Yes, we have referrals. Please contact us and we can give you the address of someone in your area and tell you how long ago the system was installed.

Listen to your sod company first; follow their recommendations. Depending on the weather, you'll want to water 2 or 3 times per day. If it is a rainy season, you can water 2 times per day. If it is sunny and hot, you want to water 3 times per day. You want the roots of your new lawn to stay wet for 2 weeks. Use your own judgment. If you have standing water, it is probably being watered too much. If your lawn is starting to turn yellow then you need to water a little more.
Same thing for hydro seeding. Listen to the hydro seeding company's instructions first. Hydro seeding is a little more technical. You want to water 4 times per day until the lawn area starts to puddle, typically 5-7 minutes per zone. You don't want to water your new seed too much because you can wash the seed away.

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