Beautify Your Home With Professional Irrigation

Keep your lawn looking its best when you install a high-quality irrigation system from Maddox Irrigation. Where our competition cuts corners and claims to save you money, we guarantee excellent products every time and promise to save you big on maintenance costs. Experience the difference today!

Custom Layouts For Every Home

Our sprinkler systems are specific to your yard. Our heads all spray away from your buildings and we tune your system to bring water where it is needed the most. Stop wasting water and start saving money.

Get installation services without the mess

Our industry leading techniques allow us to lay pipe without damaging your landscaping or lawn. We can even drill under paths and walkways. Don't worry about cleaning up after our technicians either. A job isn't done until everything is swept away and your yard looks beautiful.

To cap it all off, you can sleep easy knowing that all of our sprinkler systems come with a 2-year warranty. We'll also give you a complimentary adjustment to your sprinkler heads after your sod has been installed. We make it simple — call for your FREE estimate today!

Please contact us for referrals from your neighbors; nothing we can say will match the word of one of our valued customers.

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