Landscape lighting is a beautiful way to emphasize your home. With strategically placed light fixtures, the nightscape of your home can be as beautiful as your landscape during the day. Not only does landscape lighting provide value and beauty, it also provides an extra level of safety as well. Maddox Irrigation has been installing landscape lighting for over 20 years and our professionals are highly educated on the latest technology and systems available.

There are many choices to consider when deciding how to light your home. With the right lighting design, your home is sure to stand out from the rest. When scheduling an appointment with one of our professionals, you will receive a plan tailored to your yard that may include options such as these:

Lighting Fixtures – There are several styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Our team will be able to help you narrow down the choices that will best meet your desired look.

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Uplighting - Add contrast, texture, and shadowing by highlighting trees, pillars and the peaks of your home.

Downlighting - Mimic the effect of moonlighting for landscape areas and downlight hard to light hardscape areas

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Path Lighting - Provide safe illumination for walkways, steps and highlight flower beds at night

Color lighting - Choose from a spectrum of 30,000 vibrant colors and light your home and landscape with distinct themes for the holidays and special events! All controlled at your fingertips or with a custom setting through the calendar-based programming.

Control - Consider a transformer with astronomic timing so you never have to adjust your lights again. The timer simply knows to adjust 1 minute per day and turns the lights on only when you need them. No more photo cells or separate timers that need adjusting.

Consider enhancing your control with zoning, dimming and color changing ability through your smart phone. Ask us how!

Let Maddox Irrigaiton, Inc. help you professionally install, maintain and service your lighting system for years to come! Contact us to learn more!