Protect Your Investment
Don't gamble with your irrigation system. Even the best products won't last long in the harsh Michigan winters if you don't treat them right. Our winterization service will preserve your pipes so that your system is ready to go first thing in the spring. Give us a call today for your FREE estimate!

Call Before the First Freeze
We recommend getting your pipes winterized in early October. Each freeze increases the chances that your pipes will break or weaken and that you will be stuck with a costly repair.

Winterization Fine-Tuned for You
Our top of the line winterization techniques are specially tuned to your unique sprinkler system so that we can guarantee that your pipes are as safe as they can possibly be from the ravages of winter. We blow compressed air down your pipes at 100 PSI to clear out any residual water that might freeze and damage your pipes.

Improper winterization can cause weak spots in your system resulting in failure. They may not fail that year or the following but over time improper winterization will reduce the life of your sprinkler system.

Protect your investment and hire a professional to winterize your system.

Learn about precautions to take if Michigan experiences a freeze before you have a chance to winterize:

• Winterization (Early Freeze Instructions)

In case of an early freeze, don't panic. Call for tips on preserving your pipes until our technicians can make it to your home.

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